Jun 08

Where are the Best Schools in Colorado Springs?

School districts have a big effect on the value of real estate in Colorado Springs. Buyers, especially from outside Colorado Springs, usually ask me for advice about good areas and schools. My first answer is Realtors are not allowed to have opinions about which schools are best. It’s a violation of Federal Fair Housing Law. The second answer is that I can provide you with all the information you’ll need to answer the question yourself. And do keep in mind that the rating of the school district will affect the value of your Colorado Springs home. If you look for real estate in a Colorado Springs school district where most schools are rated  “Average” or “Poor”, those homes will not hold their value as well has homes where the schools are ranked “Excellent.”

Go to this website and read detailed reports on all the schools in Colorado Springs (and Colorado).


These are the districts in our area:

Lewis Palmer – 38 in Monument

Academy – 20 in Northern Colorado Springs

Falcon – 49 east of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs – 11 in Central Colorado Springs

Harrison – 2 in Southern Colorado Springs

Widefield – 3 in Southern Colorado Springs

Manitou – 14 west of Colorado Springs

Woodland Park – RE-2 most of Teller County

There is a terrific variety of schools available in our area. The website will provide an overall rating and details about test scores and any discipline problems. For more details about specific programs and styles, call the individual schools to get more information.

There are many schools with excellent academic ratings, some that teach French, Spanish or Chinese in 1st grade. There are K-12 campuses, core knowledge schools and charter schools of various types. There are schools that focus on the arts, others on science. When in doubt, interview the principle or counselor at the school you’re interested in.

Talking with other parents can be helpful. But keep in mind that different people are looking for different things in a school. I’ve spoken with happy, enthusiastic parents in every school district who were quick to say their school was best. So choose the school best for your child’s learning style and keep in mind that the overall rating of the district affects house values.